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Submit your YouTube, Google or other vid-site consumer video to Perhaps even add a few words of why you think other NGE members might like to view it also. We’ll then select the best for inclusion in the TV Room. Here are just two we've added recently:


Don't forget to jump into the ever expanding ASK NGE section and provide your comments on not just other members questions, but also great movies you’ve seen, music you’d like others to check out, a good book…. We hope to slowly create an environment where, as a community, we can help each other out. 


Recent Poll Results
Should Alcohol sponsorship of major sporting events be banned?
Yes 79%
Do you still hire movies at the video library?
No 77%
Do you think online stores get an unfair advantage over local shops?
No 60% 
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Anyone else having trouble keeping up?

Look Boss, the plane, the plane.

Tis a scary thought....

One punch laws

More price, less product - coincidence or subterfuge?

Top Gripes

Wotif and Hilton require photo ID scan it for data base

Virgin Airlines refuses to allow medical donor board plane

Jetstar is a dishonest organization calling itsel an airline

VW Australia: Worlds worst lemon car

Foxtel - shocking customer service

Kogan needs to improve customer contact

Nissan X-trail rattling CVT

PANASALES extended warranty

Catch of the Day: No response on exchange of Faulty Laptop

eBay: Dodgy ebay seller practices

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Gripes Archive

Should we increase restrictions on Chinese investment in residential property ?

  • Yes
  • No
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Do you think current housing prices are sustainable over the next 12 months?

  • Yes
  • No
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